An Almshouse is a unit of residential accommodation (usually a house or flat) which belongs to a charity; it is provided exclusively to meet the charity’s purposes (for example, the relief of financial need or infirmity) and is occupied or is available for
occupation under a licence by a qualified beneficiary (see “About us” for terms of entitlement)

The Blue House Governance

The Blue House is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). Governance lies with a board of voluntary trustees, who are bound by the Charity’s Governing Document *, (which defines its object as i). The provision of social housing in the form of Almshouse accommodation for Beneficiaries ii) Such charitable purposes beneficial to the Beneficiaries or a sufficient section of them as the charity trustees decide. The trustees manage their responsibilities through regular meetings of the board and of the executive committee, and through the Manager and other part-time employees.

*This can be found at “About Us” on this website

​Our Current Trustees

We currently have 10 Trustees. They are (in alphabetical order):
Mr Stuart Barnes
Mrs Miriam Cheal (Chairman of the Trustees)
Mr Jim Dowling
Mrs Maeve England
Dr Robert Griffiths
Mr Robin Isherwood (Vice-Chairman of the Trustees)
Mr David Oakensen
Mrs Anne C Oakes
Mr Christopher Rose
Ms Sarah Sandon


The Blue House is run on a day-to-day basis by the Manager who is supported by an Admin & Finance Officer, both of whom are part-time. Additionally, there is a Housekeeper a Handyman and a Gardener all of whom are also part time. The Blue House is a member of the Almshouse Association, a registered provider of social housing and functions according to the rules of the Charity Commission, Charity Registration No: 1165878.